The perfect company to call if your water heater breaks in the middle of a cold Toronto winter. This warm and cozy company offers the lowest price for water heater rentals in Toronto.

rental hot water tank on a water heater rental this September. We are water heater rental experts in Toronto, servicing the greater GTA & Kitchener-Waterloo area. Starting September 1st, check out our latest promotion for home owners: 15% OFF the cost of your water heater rental for September.

To help submit your request now lower their bill by using our 80% efficient water heater.

competitive, affordable, inclusive

Homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area that are looking to rent a water heater for their home. They want to rent a tankless water heater from September 1st to September 30th for their home. They want to rent a gas water heater from September 1st to September 30th for their home.

Who said regular water heater rental is expensive? We are offering a 15% discount on all regular water heater rentals this September.

Water heater is one of the two basic necessities in our homes. Toronto and area households, often run short of hot water and if a water tank has to be replaced, it can put a big hole in your pocket. But we have a solution for you. HWT-Rental offers RENTAL ONLY heaters that will suite your needs perfectly.

HWT Hot Water Heater rentals are the most affordable way to heat your home in Toronto. We heat apartments, townhouses and single family homes whether it’s for a weekend or a month. Visit our website to see the big selection of apartments and townhouses available for rent, or use the search bar to find what you’re looking for. When you visit our website you’ll see a list of all of our apartments and townhomes for rent including information on our energy efficient design, high quality products and service and maintenance, and some great perks including 15% off some weekends and free delivery. We’re an essential part of Toronto’s affordable housing scene helping low income people afford to heat their homes without putting up with damp or freezing winters!

“This is the best way to get a hot water tank rental in Toronto. HWT-Rental is the only place that I would trust to answer my call, and provide me with sufficient information to make an informed decision.”

Water Heater Rental Toronto – TRY NOW and SAVE $$$
Put up an old water heater and save up to $100 a month, includes free delivery. Register now!

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